Thursday, February 16, 2006

They Were Fucking With Me

(Please remove necessary 'u's if you are not old or mature enough to view such letters.)

Yesterday afternoon, right after my last post, I got a call from my doctor. He and the radiation oncologist had been discussing the rest of my treatment. My doctor had intended to follow my chemo with 4 weeks of daily radiation, which is pretty standard practice for my type of Hodgkin's. My radiation oncologist however didn't like the location of my tumors, and didn't think that radiation was right for me. So my radiation oncologist gathered up some studies showing that more chemo is just as effective as radiation following chemo, and the two of them had an arm wrestling match. I don't know if the radiation oncologist is younger, but he's in a bit better shape, so he won the arm wrestling match. So now I get 8 more weeks of chemo with no radiation. Although I was very happy to have finished chemo two weeks and never wanted to have to do it again, I guess it's for the best. If I'd had radiation, there was a good chance that end up with damage to my heart and lungs. Heart problems probably wouldn't show up for a few decades, but this is something that I'd rather not deal with. With chemo only, the likelihood of heart and lung problems is much lower. So tomorrow at 9:45, I get to go back and puke on some nurses.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Living in a Black and White World

For the last couple months, I’ll I’ve shot are B&W pics. Back in November, I bought about 6 rolls of Illford FP4 and HP5, and I still have one more left. The reason is that I have a B&W darkroom set up, but I’m bored with it. It’s time for color. Spring is coming soon, and plants are begining to spring from the cold dirt, and color is beginning to return. Last week, I picked up a few rolls of Ektachrome and Kodachrome slide film, and have them in my LC-A and new Canon. So now I need to get some color equipment. I have a color head for my enlarger, which is the biggest part of printing color. Now I need a print developing tube and some chemicals. I think I can make a hot water bath out of a plastic tub and aquarium heater, and the print developing tub I might be able to make too. I’ll have to go to a photography shop and see how they’re made. Paper and chemicals can be picked up on eBay.

Speaking of chemicals, they’re not being injected into my veins anymore. Last week I had a PET scan and CT scan, which my doctors will use to determine what comes next. Probably, I will have about 4 weeks of radiation starting soon. My doctor will be contacting me sometime today to tell me what’s up with that.