Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Back on a Steady Diet of Coffee and...

It took me a while to get into some kind of schedule of doing something after SIFF. Starting radiation a few weeks ago helped quite a bit as I have to wake up at about 8:30 every morning. I really like to have some regularly scheduled thing that I have to do. And it has to be something that someone else schedules. I can't just tell myself that I'm going to get up at 8:30 to study Japanese. By the time I have finished hitting to snooze button, it's 10:30. Breakfast would happen at around 11:30, and by the time my shower's finished at around 12:30 or one, the day's half gone.

A quick side note while I'm looking at this finch: It's hot today. Even the finches look like they're panting.

Anyway, I need something to get me going. Radiation's been good because it hasn't given me any side effects, and it's gotten my out of the house at 9:15 (or 9:30 at the latest) every morning. I get done with that by ten, run errands, grab one of my cameras, go to a park or hunt down something I've been looking for. Fit lunch and dinner in there somewhere (I still have nutritionists prying into my dietary life, trying to tell me I'm too skinny). And then comes coffee. I've been heading to Vivace around 9 to work on my translating. It's kind of a late time for coffee, but I've never been one to postpone sleeping just because I've had a bit of coffee. To me, consumption of coffee and sleep aren't mutually exclusive things. But it is something that I have to be careful of. This morning a had a bit of a headache. I tried to just suffer through it, thinking that I just needed more sleep. No, I just needed coffee. Four ounces later, no headache. So the "and..." in my title? Nothing. Just coffee. It just sounded better with an "and something". I'll have to find something to fill that void. I've been told that cigarettes go well with coffee, but I'm not down with that. Doughnuts seem promising though, and Top Pot on Capital Hill is awesome. Maybe I'll have to start going there.

While coffee is conducive to getting things done, blogging is not, so I'll end this here.