Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My new boat and dog

The main reason that I haven't gotten a sail boat or dog yet is that I haven't had a good name. I used my last good dog name on my mom's dog, and that was really only a good pug's name anyway. But now, thanks to the brilliance of my sister, I have both a sailboat name a a dog name.

I have this friend named Eina (Eh-nuh) who wanders off the places like Nepal or some Buddhist monastery or something like that every once in a while, and never keeps track of people. She's very zen like that. So a few months ago, Sky said that she was in the 'ham.

So Kelsey and I were driving though town the other day when I said, "I need to find Ena sometime". Kelsey, who can't hear because years of talking too loud have damaged her hearing, thought I said "I need to find ainus umtime" No it doesn't make any sense at all, but that's what she thought. So we get into this discussion about words that, when follow or preceded by other words, morph. For Example: Larry's sail boat becomes Larry's ale boat. So I said, "That's It! That's what I'll name my boat. Ale Boat. So now that I have a name, I can get a boat. (Except for one of the minor reasons I don't have a boat yet: lack of money)

But sister's ideas didn't stop there, "And you can name your dog 'Schooner'". Perfect a beerboat boat, and a beerboat dog. So now that I have a dog's name, I can get a dog too. (Except for the minor reasons I don't have a dog yet: lack of money and no place to live.)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Getting ready

It's already October. I just realized that the other day. Time to get moving. I've started looking at airfares for Tokyo. $500 or less seems to be what I'll be able to get tickets for in mid to late November. My current job will end around the 15th, so any time after that will work.

I have a place to stay for as long as I need. My friend Lyle, who's probably the best friend I have in Tokyo, has a 3 bedroom house, paid for by the US government, in a suburb of Tokyo, and has an extra room that he'll let me have for half of utilities. Lyle was the fist of my friends I told when I found out I had Hodgkin's, and he was the first person to give me some reassurance, though in an odd sort of way. He said, "It seems like everyone I know either dies, or gets cancer, but never both, so you'll be fine."

I'm also hunting down jobs. I'm hoping that I'll be able to find something fairly quickly. I will have to wait until I get there probably to have any interviews, but I'll be in contact with some recruiting agencies, and there's a job fair for bilinguals in December (not that I'd consider myself bilingual, but hopefully my excellent English Language skills will be a selling point). I should be able to make it living with Lyle since it will cut my expenses considerably. Commuting will be pricey for a time, since it's so far in the country, but companies always pay commuting expenses, and once I get a job and get some cash in the bank, I'll be able to move closer to work. Maybe back to Koenji. I really liked that neighborhood.

So now I have to get everything I have here finished up. I'm going to sell off my darkroom stuff, put two bugs together into a drivable one, and maybe I'll be able to get my SL350 together and sell that. Lots of stuff. Too bad I work so much!