Monday, February 26, 2007

Joining the Welfare State

I may have come up with a solution to my housing problem. Welfare. Medicaid will pay for housing and living expenses for people who need it, so I'll have to do is apply and qualify. I don't know exactly what the qualifications are, but I should probably fit them since I don't have a job, can't have one, and have only $300 in my bank account.

I applied online last Thursday, and am going to try to make an appointment for sometime this week. For the republicans in the family, it's not too late to prevent one more person from living on public money. Just buy me a condo in Seattle and I will forget about going on welfare.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Alternate Housing

Looks like I might have to move out! I was planning on it anyway, but the not being able to work thing sort of put a stop to that, but Fred Hutch wants me to live within 15 to 30 minutes from the clinic. Right now, I'm about an hour and half away, which my nurse says could be a dangerous distance. So I'm evaluating my options, which I will not post here, but if you'd like to know, email me.

This summer, when I'm done, I'm going to take a trip to Halifax Nova Scotia! My friend who had a bed in Bellingham now has a couch there! But I have to wait until summer because right now it's -11 f with wind chill.

Build a fence

99.5% of the Associated Yantzer Clan thinks: Fire the lawyer, get a new survey, and build a fence! Let him spend the money to sue you! Don't let bullies be bullies.

As a pie chart:

As you can see, .5% is such a small amount that it doesn't even show up on the graph. Quotes from respondents that voted for "Sue the fucker" included "blub blub", Polly want a cracker", and "Woof", which indicate that they were probably pets.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Chemo has Begun

I started chemo again yesterday. This stuff isn't as bad as the last time. Not too much sickness, just puked once. One of the drugs I'm on keeps me awake, but I'm kind of sore from the other ones.

At the beginning of April though, I'll start my stem cell transplant. (Just incase there are any right wingers out there, these will be my own stem cells, so no going religiousy on my ass.) For the transplant, I'll have to live in Seattle (don't know how I'll accomplish that.) I'll have to be 30 minutes or less for about too weeks until I get too sick to tolerate that. Then I'll have to be hospitalized for a couple weeks, then back to somewhere within 30 minutes for another 3 to 8 weeks.

During the whole time that I'm not in the hospital, someone will have to be with me all day every day, meaning someone not working. Don't know how this will all work out.

Bike Class

There are several people who do not have their motorcycle licenses yet. Right now is when you need to sign up if you are going to get a spot in a local class. You know who you are, so get on it.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Oh, and many Bostonians are idiots

To youTube

It's all coming together (to screw me)

Last week, everything decided to come together. On Monday, I had another job interview, they really liked me, and put me on their short list. Amazon called me back to schedule a test, University of Puget Sound scheduled me for another interview, I got offered a job as a data base admin in Tacoma, and I was told I had Hodgkin's Lymphoma.


Yep. Again.

So I decided that probably I could work while having treatment again, so I said yes to the database admin under the condition that I be able to take days off as needed for chemo and stuff, which legally, they can't have a problem with, but I felt bad for having to do that to them anyway. The got back to me on Monday to say that they'd rather wait and see how I was feeling... But also on Monday, my doctor said that there isn't a chance that I'll be able to work. So screw that idea.

So I need some money. I refuse to go back the the Redmond job again. When I called the temp agency, she asked if I wanted to keep working there until I started chemo, I said "Not a chance. That was the worst job I've ever had. I worked 12 hours Thursday, 14 hours Friday, and 16 hours Saturday. If anything's going to kill me, it'll be that job."

So shit.