Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Looking for a car

On Sunday, the rain made me realize that I didn't want to ride in it. Kind of a late realization. I just thought, "hmm... rain... wish I had a car."

And so began my car hunt. What I'd really like is a Karmann Ghia, but they're a bit hard to find, and not so cheap, so what I'll probably get is a Super Beetle. And this causes another problem. He wants a curved windscreen because they have a little more nose room, (maybe that's how his nose got squashed?) and they only made those for three years, as Beetle production was starting to wind down. So I'll have to find one, have him sit in it, and see if he can tolerate it.

But I really do want that Karmann Ghia.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Forever is not really that long

It seems that I have been writing this blog forever, so I went back in my archives to see what I wrote 5 years ago. Well, 5 years was really not long ago, but I've only been writing this blog for two and a half years, not quite forever.

5 years ago, I was on my one year exchange program at Asia University, and I lived in the men's dormitory a cross the street from the campus. At night, when I was cooking dinner in the kitchen on the first floor, I'd watch the news on CNN. This night, when I turned the TV on, a shaky camera was focused on the World Trade Center tower, just after a plane had hit it. The reporters at the time were saying that probably a small plane like a Cessna had hit it. A few minutes later, the second tower was hit, and all doubt as the what was going on was gone. I ran up stairs and knocked on Mick's door, and told him he had to come downs stairs. We both watched the news for the rest of the night live. First seeing papers from offices flutter to the ground, then people, then the entire buildings. It was all too strange to be a movie, yet it didn't seem real. For the next several days, people asked me if everyone I knew was alright since a plane also crashed in Washington (The Washington I come from is a state, not a city, and not the capital of the US). For me the surreally I'm sure ended more quickly than for people in the US. Things were notably different when I came back though. The US had become plastered with flags.