Monday, January 26, 2004

8 more weeks!

Music 104 test was so easy. I didn't buy the book and I went to class only 4 times, and I still aced the test. It's kind of nice having two really easy classes out of 12 credits. All I have to do is concentrated on my two papers and I'm out of here. If only I could concentrate on my two papers.

I sold the camera I just bought for $10 on ebay. It wasn't what I was looking for. I guess this time I will have to spend a little more time looking and a little more money. At least I sold it for a few dollars more that what I bought it for. I'm only $3 in the hole from shipping when I bought it. So Dansen, my "maybe someones dumber than me logic" worked.

My TESOL Observation is finally almost here. I don't remember if I explained it last time, but I thought I had passed, and my mentor talked to the observing instructor, and he told me I passed, and then two weeks before the end of the quarter, I ran into her and she asked me when I could reschedule another observation. Eh? Yup. So it's this thursday. Wish me luck.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

School, sick, camera

So school started. Last week. During the snow. Between skipping and snow, I have only gone to my music class once. Pretty good. Maybe I'll make it an every friday thing. Dr. Wright is as evil as ever. On the first day of class, she said to me "You called that a research paper?", and then later said said that I could go to her office and pick it up if I wanted to, but that I probably wouldn't want to. I probably don't want to.

Last Thursday I went to the Horseshoe with Louise and her friend. We were supposed to go see La Push at the Wild Buffalo. Everyone else in town was there however so it was sold out. So I sat in he Horseshoe and inhaled smoke and got sick. It is now one week later, and I am still sick. I won't disgust anyone who might me reading this with the details, but I got some antibiotics to fight the biotics that may or may not be growing in my nose.

I also got a new camera. I spent a week shopping on ebay for a medium format bellows camera to play with, but I got tired of it and bought something that I didn't research enough, so now I have this camera that is not as cool as I thought it was going to be. But hopefully I will be able to sell it to someone else dumber than me. Maybe I'll try a Russian one...

Saturday, January 03, 2004


There's snow everywhere! It's so great! It started about 8 last night, and by the time I noticed, it had built up about 2 inches on my window sill just from the wind! At about 11 I got some warm stuff on and my my sister and watched cars slide backwards down my street. It was hilarious! There was this one idiot who tried 8 times to get up Chestnut while we were watching, and my sisters friend said that he had been trying for a half hour. I went up to him a said that he was an idiot and that he should go down a few blocks to where the street wasn't so steep. To that he replyed, "Don't you think I can make it?" There are so many stupid people out driving. There are so many people I've seen who start slipping, so they gas it. Like their tires are going to stick when their are spinning at 40 mph while they are standing still! Its great. I love the snow!

Its 27° now and its supposed to get down to 15° tonight. It won't be higher than freezing until Tuesday, and its supposed to snow Monday night and Tuesday.

Have fun 'hamsters!