Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This is NOT the coffee shop I wanted to be in

I am out and about right now I decided to check out this coffee shop in Sumner. This isn't where I should have gone. The latte is weak, with an odd bitterish aftertaste. It wasn't hot enough, and when I asked for it for here, she started giving me a paper cup. I know I'm picky about my coffee, but when I go to a coffee shop, I want to be able to smell the aroma, and taste the crema and foam mixing on the top of my cup. That's the whole point of sitting down for a latte or cap. To enjoy it. When you stick it in paper and suck it through a plastic lid, you suck the pass right by the best part and suck only the espresso milk mixture. You're drinking a cafe au lait. All the foam get stuck to the lid. Most barista can't pour a latte or cap so that the crema mixes properly anyway. Or worse yet, they scoop the foam in at the end. By the way. A good latte vanilla syrup does not make.

My coffee shop ranking happens whenever I order. I have from one to three stars. If a shop looks promising, I'll jump to two stars, which is a latte. If it doesn't pass the latte test, I probably wont go back, but if I do, I'll get a mocha, which is like a one star rating. If it passes the two star test, I'll move up to try three stars, which is a cappuccino. Few shops pass this test. At the ones that do, I'll never get a latte or mocha. (If you order a latte in Italy, they'll give you a cup of hot milk)

But the latte wasn't the worst of the shop. There was a noise when I waked in. Like a commercial on TV or something. I didn't pay attention. I was too busy mentally critiquing the barista. As soon as I got my latte though, I turned around and realized that that noise was coming from a big scree TV on the wall. Worse, it was on channel 4. At 2 pm, this means soaps... Luckily, I always have some ear buds with me, so I'm not sitting here enjoying a nice R.E.M. CD and writing to all of you.